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Groomers Lane and Precision Sharpening is your source for all your pet and dog grooming supplies, clippers, dryers, blades, tables, cages, tubs, shears, repairs and more
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Welcome to Groomer's Lane
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Most of you visiting our website may already be familiar with Precision Sharpening and Groomers Lane, the services we offer, and the pet grooming supplies we sell. We want you to have easy access to dog and cat grooming products, clippers, blades, dryers, tables, cages, tubs and more -- so we are offering a convenient way to shop and get our blade sharpening services - online!

For 25 years, we've operated as a mobile, on-site clipper blade and scissor sharpening and repair service for groomers. During that time, we've also started and run two successful pet grooming shops which has given us a chance to try a wide variety of pet grooming products, different blades and tools and techniques. As a result, all the products we carry are confidently recommended, both from a groomer's viewpoint and from our experience in repairing all lines of dog and pet grooming equipment.

New pet and dog grooming supplies to choose from seems to be endless, but we offer only high-quality, low maintenance wholesale equipment to make your choices easier. We also believe our shampoo lines to be the best available anywhere and at any price! Of course, you want fast, efficient shipping - order by noon PST, and your order will be processed the same day!

Specials and Clearance Items! Sometimes we come across outstanding bonus buys on your behalf or have a need to move out overstocks and inventory changes - and we save you even more money in doing so! Click to see any currently available.

We are constantly expanding and updating our website and our grooming offerings, so please come back often and let others know about us!

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